Red Wings Lottery Bonanza

Deer Lake Minor Hockey is made up of a dedicated executive group, as well as volunteers, directors, coaches, officials, parents/grandparents/guardians, and of course, our players who genuinely love and are passionate about the game of hockey.  We whole-heartedly want to celebrate the game and share in the experience at the grassroots level in the area of Western Newfoundland that we serve.

As we begin this lotto journey, we have a wish list of equipment and other essentials that we hope will enhance minor hockey in our community and help build player development. We thank you for your support.


CLICK THE "PLAY NOW" button below to help us achieve our fundraising goals! GOOD LUCK!!

How to Play

If you've been to a sporting event at any level, you know how a 50/50 works. The jackpot for each draw is split equally between the winner and the operator. Half the prize goes to a good cause and with your half you can go on that trip to Australia that you've always been wanting to do!

Now, here's the catch about the Progressive 50/50 that you're playing on here. You need to play every week to be eligible to win! Don't worry, you can pre-purchase for a week, a month, a year - totally up to you. But, when you purchase a number, that number stays in play for a year after its last active draw. If your number isn't played on one week and gets chosen as a winner then you can't claim your prize and the jackpot rolls over! The money gets put back into the pool and carried into the next draw and you walk away with zilch!

No one wants that, right?

If you don't play, you can't win! Luckily, purchasing a 50/50 ticket has never been easier!

Want to know if your tickets are valid? Visit My Tickets at any time and see. If they're not, renew them! You don't want to miss out!

Remember: If you buy 10 numbers, you're on the hook for those 10 numbers until they expire!

Still confused? Here's an example:

Emma buys a single ticket for the next draw. One ticket for one week. Great. She's entered into the next draw and if she's drawn then she walks away happy! Great for Emma. But Emma's number is still in play for the next 52 draws as well. If she doesn't renew it next week and she's drawn as a winner she misses out on the prize. Tough break, Emma. The good news is that Emma can go to My Tickets at any time and renew her tickets. Or, she could play for a full year on her first purchase and not have to worry about renewing her tickets until they expire.

As a player, you can renew your tickets whenever you want. If you want to renew each week, that's up to you. Some people play week-to-week, some month-to-month, others buy for a year and 'set it and forget it.'